Tuesday, June 7, 2011

our winter....

....I received this ( from 'RDM' , at Swaylocks ) , today ...

I had a three hour surf on it , in my 9'4" longboard today ...fun fun fun !

....cheers , Rohan !

[the polycarbonate one , on the left , I scored from a garbage throwout / council collection day ]

Monday, June 6, 2011

...." that sarong fin ! "

...I found a torn sarong on the beach here one day ...it got put to a different use !

[so don't ever let someone tell ya  " that's sarong fin you got in your board ! " ...it might just end up being the RIGHT fin , after all !!]

re: 'surffoils' cornchipper finlets ....

Well, I had two surfs on the finlets photographed below.

  In waist to chest high, offshore waves.

  Got a few turns in , they felt okay off the bottom and off the top , and held in across the face ...so all good , so far !

I'll try them out again , once the surf gets head high and a bit hollower ....

  cheers !